Aaron Vanasse: VP of IEEE Spectrum, a Tech Leader in Boston (QA)

Aaron Vanasse: VP of IEEE Spectrum, a Tech Leader in Boston (QA)

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and the need for competent leaders in this field cannot be overstated. One such leader is Aaron Vanasse, the Vice President of Boston’s IEEE Spectrum. In this article, we will delve into the life and achievements of this prominent figure, highlighting his contributions to the tech industry and the growth of the Boston tech scene.

Early Life and Education

Aaron Vanasse was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and spent his formative years in the city’s South End. As a child, he was fascinated by technology and spent much of his time tinkering with electronics. He attended New Bedford High School, where he was a member of the school’s robotics club, and participated in various science fairs and technology competitions.

Vanasse went on to study electrical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), where he received his bachelor’s degree. He later obtained his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.

Career Trajectory

Aaron Vanasse began his career as an electrical engineer at Raytheon Company, a leading defense contractor. He worked on various projects related to missile defense, radar systems, and communications technology. His work at Raytheon earned him several awards and accolades, including the Raytheon Excellence Award.

In 2010, Vanasse joined the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm. He worked as a consultant, advising clients in the technology, media, and telecommunications sectors. His work at BCG involved developing growth strategies, conducting market research, and analyzing industry trends. He also worked on several mergers and acquisitions deals, helping clients identify potential targets and negotiate deals.

In 2015, Vanasse joined the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology. He was appointed Vice President of IEEE Spectrum, the organization’s flagship magazine, which covers the latest developments in technology, science, and engineering.

Contributions to the Tech Industry

As Vice President of IEEE Spectrum, Aaron Vanasse has made significant contributions to the tech industry, particularly in the Boston area. He has been a vocal advocate for the growth of the city’s tech scene, working with local organizations and startups to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. He has also been instrumental in organizing various events and conferences aimed at bringing together leaders in the tech industry and facilitating knowledge sharing.

Vanasse has also been a strong proponent of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing. He has written extensively on these topics and has spoken at several industry events and conferences, sharing his insights and expertise.

Under his leadership, IEEE Spectrum has become one of the most widely read and respected technology publications, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Outside of work, Aaron Vanasse enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in various hobbies. He is an avid runner and has completed several marathons and triathlons. He is also a music enthusiast and plays the guitar in his free time.


In conclusion, Aaron Vanasse is a remarkable leader in the tech industry, with a distinguished career spanning several decades. His contributions to the growth of the Boston tech scene and the advancement of emerging technologies have been invaluable, and his leadership at IEEE Spectrum has made the publication a go-to resource for anyone interested in the latest developments in the tech industry. With his passion for technology and commitment to innovation, Aaron Vanasse continues to inspire and lead the way in the ever-evolving world of technology.