Epic Seven Tier List: A Comprehensive Guide to Hero Rankings

Epic Seven Tier List: A Comprehensive Guide to Hero Rankings

Epic Seven, a popular gacha-style role-playing game (RPG), has captivated players with its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and a wide array of heroes to collect and utilize in battles. As with any game that involves a roster of characters, players often seek guidance on which heroes are worth investing in. In this article, we present an Epic Seven tier list to help you navigate the vast world of Orbis and make informed decisions when assembling your dream team.

What is an Epic Seven Tier List?

A tier list is a ranking system that categorizes heroes into different tiers based on their overall effectiveness and utility in the game. In the context of Epic Seven, a tier list provides players with a valuable resource for understanding which heroes excel in various game modes, be it PvE (Player vs. Environment) or PvP (Player vs. Player).

Factors Influencing Hero Rankings

Creating a tier list involves evaluating numerous factors, such as a hero’s skills, stats, versatility, and synergies with other heroes. Some key considerations include:

  1. Skill Kit: The effectiveness and utility of a hero’s abilities.
  2. Stats: A hero’s base stats, such as Attack, Defense, Health, and Speed.
  3. Role: Whether a hero serves as a tank, DPS (Damage Per Second), support, or a combination.
  4. Rarity: The star rating of a hero, with 5-star heroes generally considered more powerful.
  5. Team Synergy: How well a hero complements other heroes in your roster.
  6. Meta Relevance: Whether the hero is currently favored in the game’s evolving meta.

Types of Tier Lists

In Epic Seven, tier lists can vary according to game mode, as different heroes shine in different areas. Here are some common types of tier lists:

  1. PvE Tier List: Focuses on heroes best suited for campaign missions, raids, and dungeons.
  2. PvP Tier List: Highlights heroes ideal for arena battles and Guild Wars.
  3. Specialty Tier List: Recognizes heroes that excel in niche roles or unique situations.
  4. Comprehensive Tier List: Combines both PvE and PvP evaluations for a holistic perspective.

Sample Heroes by Tiers

While the specific rankings of heroes can change with game updates and balance changes, we can provide an example of how heroes might be categorized in a tier list:

S-Tier (Top Tier):

  • Arbiter Vildred: A versatile 5-star hero, he excels in both PvE and PvP with high damage and revive capabilities.
  • Ruele of Light: An excellent support hero with healing and revival abilities, making her crucial in PvP content.
  • Tamarinne: A 5-star hero known for her powerful buffs, cleansing, and team healing.

A-Tier (High Tier):

  • Luna: A 5-star DPS hero who deals substantial single-target damage.
  • Angelic Montmorancy: Offers reliable healing and debuff removal for PvE and PvP.
  • F. Lidica: A versatile 5-star hero with debuff capabilities, useful in both PvE and PvP.

B-Tier (Mid Tier):

  • Dizzy: Known for her crowd control abilities in PvP.
  • Krau: A tanky 5-star hero with crowd control and protection abilities.
  • Achates: A healer and cleanser with utility for PvE content.

C-Tier (Low Tier):

  • Guider Aither: A 3-star support hero with limited utility.
  • Butcher Corps Inquisitor: A niche 3-star hero with limited use in specific situations.
  • Otillie: A 4-star hero whose role is somewhat overshadowed by others.

It’s important to note that the tier list is subject to change as the game evolves and new heroes are introduced.

How to Use a Tier List

While tier lists are helpful, they should be used as a general guideline rather than an absolute rule. Ultimately, your team’s composition should reflect your playstyle and the synergies you enjoy. Experimenting with different heroes and team setups can also lead to unexpected success in Epic Seven.


Epic Seven’s tier list serves as a valuable tool for players seeking guidance on hero selection and team composition. Understanding the factors that influence hero rankings, the various types of tier lists, and how to use them effectively can help you make informed decisions as you embark on your adventures in the world of Orbis. Keep in mind that tier lists are dynamic, and the meta may change over time, so stay informed and adapt your strategies accordingly.