Civilization 6 Tier List: Unveiling the Leaders of Victory

Civilization 6 Tier List: Unveiling the Leaders of Victory

Civilization VI, the sixth installment in the renowned turn-based strategy game series, is known for its intricate gameplay and a wide array of leaders to choose from. With different abilities and playstyles, determining the strengths and weaknesses of each leader can be quite a task. This article presents a comprehensive Civilization 6 Tier List to help you navigate your way to success in this grand strategy game.

Understanding the Tier List:

Before diving into the tier list itself, it’s crucial to grasp the criteria used to evaluate leaders:

Victory Potential: The leader’s ability to achieve different types of victories, including Domination, Science, Culture, Religion, and Diplomacy.

Unique Abilities: Each leader’s unique abilities, units, and buildings that provide advantages during gameplay.

Start Bias: The terrain preference of a leader and its impact on early-game strategies.

Civilization Bonuses: The inherent strengths or weaknesses of a civilization, such as unique districts or tile improvements.

The S-Tier – The Dominant Leaders:

Kupe (Māori): Kupe’s ability to navigate across the ocean from the start and his bonus culture and science from improvements make him a powerful force for any victory type.

Poundmaker (Cree): With powerful trade bonuses and a unique unit, the Okihtcitaw, Poundmaker is a versatile leader capable of various victories.

Saladin (Arabia): Saladin’s religious prowess and science bonuses from Worship buildings make him a strong contender for Religious and Science victories.

A-Tier – The Solid Choices:

Cyrus (Persia): Cyrus excels in the Culture victory, thanks to his unique ability, Pairidaeza, which boosts culture and tourism.

Peter (Russia): Russia’s extra territory from Lavra, tundra resources, and religious strength make it an excellent choice for Cultural or Religious victories.

Tamar (Georgia): Tamar’s unique ability, Glory of the World, ensures a robust presence in both Religion and Diplomacy.

B-Tier – Competent Leaders:

Chandragupta (India): Chandragupta’s aggressive playstyle with Varu and war-weariness reduction can secure Domination victories.

Gandhi (India): Gandhi’s religious and peace-focused abilities make him a strong candidate for Religious victories.

Wilfrid Laurier (Canada): With a strong focus on Diplomacy, Canada can be a formidable presence in the late game.

C-Tier – Middle of the Road:

Catherine de Medici (France): Her espionage-focused abilities can be tricky to master and require a specific playstyle.

Lautaro (Mapuche): The Mapuche are potent against civs with Golden Ages, but their abilities can be situational.

Kristina (Sweden): Sweden’s Diplomacy-focused abilities can be less impactful in standard games.

D-Tier – The Strugglers:

Genghis Khan (Mongolia): Mongolia’s Domination abilities can be challenging to execute effectively in a balanced game.

Philip II (Spain): Philip’s focus on religion can limit his versatility in many victory types.

Tomyris (Scythia): Scythia’s early-game Domination potential can wane as the game progresses.


The Civilization 6 Tier List is a valuable resource for players seeking to optimize their strategy in this complex and engrossing game. Keep in mind that your playstyle, map conditions, and chosen victory type can greatly affect the leader’s tier placement. Experiment with different leaders and strategies to discover your personal favorites and conquer the world in your own unique way. Happy gaming!