Reasons to Choose Cocktail Pool for Your Yard

Reasons to Choose Cocktail Pool for Your Yard


When you consider your preference for a backyard pool, it’s for sure that a large family pool comes to mind.

It must be because you picturise floating toys and splashing kids playing around.

Undoubtedly, the casual, traditional pools are a perfect addition to any property, but those are not the ways to add fun to your home.

However, if you want a perfect cocktail pool, you can never go wrong with a fiberglass swimming pool. These are a perfect choice for a more sophisticated and luxurious feel.

If it sounds like you want something like this, here’s what you need to know about cocktail pools. Check out how they can entirely add a touch of sophistication to any place.

What to Know about a Cocktail Pool?

Cocktail pools are all about elegance and sophistication. These are extremely inviting and sleek at the same time.

The reason most people prefer the cocktail pools for their homes is because of their complete focus on relaxation. This makes the place perfect for get-togethers and parties.

Cocktails are not designed for jumping and diving. Instead, they allow you to swim comfortably, which also takes away all your worries.

If the pool is of a smaller size, you can easily add elegant design details, including – 

  • Luxury sun ledges
  • Heaters
  • Spa Jets
  • Water Features
  • In-water benches
  • Customized lightings.

Adding these details will make your pool a fun place where you can relax, pass around some snacks, and enjoy your cocktail party.

Cocktail pools are not a new design, but they are a popular choice for people who want to have fun in a style.

Most homeowners look for creative ways to burn their free time at home, and these small-sized pools emerge as an effective option to have fun.

With more and more people becoming aware of how well a cocktail pool can fit into their backyard, they prefer to choose one.

Here are some reasons highlighting why they are a popular choice for the yard –

Less Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Cocktail pools are of smaller size, which means there will be a need for less maintenance.

As compared to a standard pool, it saves time in cleaning the pool. Usually, you need to set up a routine of twice a week or daily cleaning for a pool. 

However, with an inground fiberglass pool, you can literally brush it up by standing on the side of the pool within minutes. 

Year-round enjoyment

These pools are designed for a refreshing experience when you are suffocated in the summer heat. You actually get a cool and inviting oasis for your backyard. However, the pools are not only limited to the summer months.

Fiberglass pools also suit well to the winter season. With the addition of heating systems, you can make the cocktail pools a warm and cozy retreat.

Whether you are looking to beat the heat or relax in the winter, the fiberglass pools are the perfect additions. 

Did you know in 2016, the revenue generated from the sales of fiberglass swimming pools was in the millions of USD? By 2020, it had grown significantly. 

It is projected to reach a much higher revenue in the multi-millions of USD by 2026, with an impressive annual growth rate during the years 2020 to 2026.

The stats show the popularity of these pools, so get a suitable fiberglass pool for your yard today! 

Compact size

These pools are designed to be smaller in dimension as compared to those traditional swimming pools. The compact size enhances the use of available outdoor areas.

Whether you have a small yard, limited space, or a courtyard, a cocktail pool can fit comfortably in the space.

It is a practical and space-saving choice for homeowners looking to add an elegant touch to their space with a pool.


Cocktail pools are an excellent choice for creating a great backyard. The decision will entirely depend on your space, preference, and budget.

These are a perfect option for socialization and parties. So, choose the one to create your own aquatic haven.