Contribution of Ed Tech Tools in Education Sector

Everything in this world needs change according to time so that it can survive with the changing course of time. So the education sector also grabbed the opportunity and gained growth with the help of drastic changes which were introduced in the face of online education. Online education brought ed tech tools or we can say education technology in the game and brought the education sector that phase of growth and change which was needed for a long time. Online Teaching Helped in Multiple Ways. It was forbidden for everyone to touch or to come in direct contact during the pandemic so online teaching methods facilitated students in a way that they could study at home. Here we are going to get the answer to these curiosities: how teachers can improve their methods of online teaching, and how they can improve themselves professionally. In order to improve online teaching, the tutor needs to follow the instructions elaborated below. The medium of teaching has changed a lot in this new era of education supported by EdTech tools but still there is a certain atmosphere which should be maintained by the tutor in online learning. These days the power of online teaching has not only benefited students with knowledge but also it has increased the skill level of tutors.

In order to make the students do something new in the field of learning and attaining education, it is an essential need to bring innovation in the learning system. Education technology has brought back the interest level of students which they had lost earlier due to the same and boring curriculum. Today the use of ed tech tools has become an important part of tutoring because it is solving many relevant issues which used to become hindrance in the way of students for attaining education. Today ed tech tools like the school learning management system have changed the whole scenario of the education system. School managements are taking a sigh of relief after its introduction because the school learning management system is saving time, money, enables students to prioritize their learning materials, is flexible and maintains its consistency and provides important information and data required by students. Ed tech tools have helped the students in various sectors of education and learning like the most important one is communication skills. Students get to connect with the whole world and mentors and educators from around the world, where they come to learn a lot of new things which helps them in boosting their confidence and morale. Through ed tech tools students get to learn how to express their curiosities and their answers in a detailed manner.

Ed tech tools as a learning management system provide a vast range of learning material which can be accessed by the learners and students easily. Learning management system has provided school management an advanced way to look after the progress and their growth in a constant manner as it has its own technical advancements due to which it is able to keep the follow up of their essential documents, grades, marks, and their performance in various activities. Students are able to get access to their study materials from anywhere and that too anytime with the help of ed tech tools. Being assisted by ed tech tools students get a new set of skills which not only enable them to thrive with great passion but also make them more effective in the field of learning and acquiring fruitful knowledge which proves to be an aid in future career wise. From the perspective of personality, use of ed tech tools enhances the physical as well as mental strength of the students due to which their cognitive side of personality also grows in a fruitful manner. It also assists the student to stay updated with new research not only subject wise but also technology wise which improves the performance level of students in academics. Amalgamation of ed tech tools has made teaching easy and more effective too for the tutors because it has removed many barriers between student and tutor. Moreover, it is all blessings of ed tech tools that today students are enjoying learning just like video games as compared to traditional methods of teaching. Today a student sitting far away from the tutor can get access to the desired details of topics easily due to ed tech tools.

Gurvinder Singh

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