Murda B Fight: What You Need to Know

Murda B Fight: What You Need to Know

What happened in the Murda B Fight?

murda b fight-On May 28, 2023, Murda B was involved in a fight with Lotta Hound in Miami, Florida. The fight was caught on camera and quickly went viral. In the video, Murda B is seen punching and kicking Lotta Hound multiple times. Lotta Hound is also seen throwing punches, but he is no match for Murda B. The fight ends with Murda B knocking Lotta Hound to the ground.

What was the reason for the murda b fight?

The exact reason for the murda b fight is unknown. However, it is speculated that the fight was sparked by a feud between the two rappers. Murda B and Lotta Hound have been dissing each other on social media for months. The fight is just the latest chapter in their rivalry.

What has been the reaction to the fight?

The reaction to the fight has been mixed. Some people have praised Murda B for standing up for himself. Others have condemned the fight as violence. The fight has also sparked a debate about the role of social media in rap culture. Some people believe that social media is fueling feuds between rappers. Others believe that social media is simply a reflection of the existing violence in rap culture.

What does the future hold for Murda B?

It is unclear what the future holds for Murda B. He is currently facing charges of battery. If convicted, he could face up to a year in jail. However, Murda B is also a rising star in the rap game. His recent single, “Murda B vs. Lotta Hound,” has been streamed millions of times. It is possible that the fight will only help to boost Murda B’s career.


The Murda B fight is a complex and controversial event. It has raised important questions about violence, social media, and the rap game. Only time will tell what the long-term impact of the fight will be.