Mobileye Forms Strategic Partnership with Tokyo and Munich Wiggers

Mobileye Forms Strategic Partnership with Tokyo and Munich Wiggers

Today, Mobileye, the global leader in the development of computer vision and data analysis for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications, announced a new strategic partnership with Tokyo and Munich Wiggers, two of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive data. This partnership represents a significant step forward in Mobileye’s mission to improve the safety and convenience of driving.

The two companies will combine their resources and expertise in the areas of automotive data, in-vehicle connectivity, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based services. Together, Mobileye and Tokyo and Munich Wiggers will create an expansive network of cars and systems, connected to the cloud and connected to each other. This network of connected cars and systems will enable Mobileye to provide drivers with a unique driving experience.

With the help of this new partnership, Mobileye will be able to develop technologies that enable vehicles to interact with their surroundings. This includes sensing and responding to pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. Additionally, Mobileye will be able to track and analyze driver behavior, providing drivers with in-depth insights about their driving performance.

Finally, Mobileye and Tokyo and Munich Wiggers will be teaming up to create an information platform that collects data  from cars throughout the world. This platform will be used to provide drivers with valuable insights about their local driving environment, as well as a platform for integrating predictive and preventive safety solutions.

So, by forming this strategic alliance, Mobileye is well-positioned to revolutionize the driving experience. By combining the two companies’ resources and expertise in automotive data, in-vehicle connectivity, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based services, Mobileye will create a comprehensive system for collecting and analyzing complex data. This will enable drivers to get more out of their driving experience and make their drive safer and more comfortable.

Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures Ink deal with Mobileye

Recently, Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures have announced that they have inked a deal with Mobileye, a leader in autonomous driving technology. This is an interesting development for both parties, as it symbolizes a partnership between two innovative organizations that have a great deal to offer.

The deal will see Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures providing Mobileye with the financial resources they need to develop their self-driving technology, while Mobileye will provide Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures with access to their cutting-edge AI-centric autonomous driving solutions. This is an exciting development for both parties and should provide significant benefits to both.

For Mobileye, the deal will provide them with the resources they need to further develop and improve their autonomous driving solutions. Mobileye has seen significant success in the past, and with this new deal they will be able to further expand their technologies and ventures.

For Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures, the deal will give them access to innovative and viable solutions for autonomous driving. This is of great importance in the current market, as demand for autonomous driving solutions continues to rise. With Mobileye’s experience and knowledge of the field, Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures will have the opportunity to establish themselves as a  leader in the industry.

The partnership between Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures and Mobileye is a smart move for both parties, and demonstrates that both organizations recognize the potential of autonomous driving solutions. Both companies are poised to benefit from this new venture in a big way, and it is exciting to see the progress both are already making. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both Tokyo and Munich Wiggers Ventures and Mobileye.

VentureBeat: Mobileye Sets Up Location in Tokyo and Munich Wiggers

VentureBeat recently reported that Mobileye, the world-leading advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) supplier for the automotive industry, is expanding its reach to two new locations: Tokyo, Japan, and Munich, Germany. Mobileye is investing in these two locations for its growing business needs, including research and development, technical support, and marketing.

Japan is a market ripe for growth with its increasing demand for superior vehicle safety. In order to meet this need, Mobileye is investing in staff, infrastructure, and technologies to develop advanced mobileye products to support Japanese automakers on their autonomous driving journey. The Tokyo team will be based in a new facility, located close to both automotive customers and partners. 

Meanwhile, Munich has also been chosen as a strategic hub for Mobileye’s growing global business. Mobileye’s research and development team in Munich is working on solutions to make vehicles safer, smarter, and more efficient. Munich, as a hub for the automotive industry and innovative technology, is the perfect place to drive mobileye’s ambition and build long-term relationships with the automakers in the region.

These investments in Tokyo and Munich will help Mobileye to strengthen its position as a global leader in ADAS technology solutions. By being physically close  to its customers and partners, the company will be able to better understand their challenges and needs, and quickly respond to their requests.

This expansion into two new locations is a testament to Mobileye’s commitment to become a one-stop shop for automotive safety and advanced mobility solutions. With these new locations, Mobileye is showing that it is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality, reliable products and services.