Exploring the Diverse Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Exploring the Diverse Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games, is a critically acclaimed roguelike third-person shooter that offers a thrilling and challenging gaming experience. One of the game’s standout features is its diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles. In this article, we’ll delve into the various characters available in Risk of Rain 2 and explore the risks and rewards associated with each one.

Commando: The Starter Survivor

The Commando is the character players begin with in Risk of Rain 2. This character is often considered the baseline for measuring the risks and rewards of others. With a straightforward kit including a rapid-fire primary attack and a dodging ability, the Commando is easy to pick up and play. The risk with the Commando lies in his relative lack of complexity, making him somewhat less exciting for seasoned players.

MUL-T: The Versatile Utility Bot

MUL-T is a mechanical marvel known for its versatility. It can switch between two primary abilities: a rapid-fire nailgun and a powerful double-barreled shotgun. The risk here lies in managing these two abilities effectively. While it offers a diverse set of tools, players must be careful not to overextend with MUL-T’s aggressive playstyle.

Huntress: The Elusive Archer

The Huntress is a character who excels at ranged combat, with the ability to fire seeking arrows and teleport around the battlefield. The risk associated with playing the Huntress lies in her vulnerability to close combat situations. Players must maintain distance from their enemies to make the most of her kit.

Engineer: The Turret Master

Engineer is a unique character who specializes in deploying automated turrets and force fields. The risk with Engineer is the need for strategic placement of turrets and barriers, which can be time-consuming and leaves the character vulnerable if not executed well.

Artificer: The Elemental Mage

Artificer harnesses the power of elemental abilities, with a wide array of powerful spells. While dealing immense damage, the risk lies in her low mobility and fragile nature, which can lead to challenging situations when surrounded by enemies.

Loader: The Melee Brawler

Loader is a melee-focused character, excelling at grappling to enemies and dealing massive damage up close. The risk of playing Loader comes from the need to get close to enemies, which can be a dangerous endeavor, especially against bosses.

Acrid: The Poisonous Menace

Acrid is a unique character known for its poison abilities. Playing as Acrid presents the risk of managing cooldowns and positioning effectively to maximize poison damage over time while avoiding close combat situations.

Mercenary: The Agile Swordsman

Mercenary is a high-mobility character with a unique set of melee abilities. The risk in playing as the Mercenary comes from the necessity of precise timing and positioning to avoid taking damage in close encounters.


Risk of Rain 2’s diverse character roster offers a wide range of gameplay experiences, from the straightforward to the highly complex. Each character has its own set of risks and rewards, making the game a dynamic and engaging experience for players. Choosing the right character and mastering their abilities is key to success in this challenging roguelike, making every playthrough a unique adventure. So, whether you prefer to keep your distance, wade into the fray, or master the elements, there’s a character in Risk of Rain 2 waiting for you to embrace the risk and reap the rewards.