Knotel Breaks Record with $1.1B Investment Led by Azevedo

Knotel Breaks Record with .1B Investment Led by Azevedo

Knotel is a workspace-as-a-service provider that recently raised an additional 70 million in its Series C funding round. This has pushed the total raised to date to an impressive US$1.1 billion. Led by existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, the funding was joined by new investors such as Durable Capital and UBS. In addition, Knotel’s co-founder and CEO, Amol Azevedo, has extended his commitment to the company by participating in the funding round and investing in Knotel’s future.

The Knotel Phenomenon

Knotel is a unique solution for companies that want to be flexible and agile in their office space strategies. The company has pioneered the workspace-as-a-service model, which provides users with an array of options for their working needs. This includes spaces that are pre-fitted as well as custom spaces that can be tailored to the individual’s needs.

Knotel’s ability to offer a variety of solutions that cater to both large and small companies has proven highly successful, and the company has now grown to include more than 6 million square feet of office space in 11 countries. This includes locations in New York, San Francisco, London, India, and Japan, with other locations in the pipeline.

Knotel’s success is also due to its user-centric approach. The company places customer experience at the heart of its operations, aiming to provide a seamless and frictionless experience. Knotel’s services also include such amenities as dedicated IT support and a range of amenities, from food and beverages to wellness programs.

Amol Azevedo: Founding Knotel and Partnering with Investing Giants

The driving force behind Knotel’s success lies in its co-founder and CEO, Amol Azevedo. Azevedo has built an impressive career in the tech sector, first acting as the CTO of American Express. From here, he made the leap to found Knotel in 2016.

Since then, he has been relentless in his efforts to build the company, raising over US$280 million with investors including Bessemer Venture Partners and Boston Properties. With this latest Series C funding round, Azevedo has further cemented Knotel’s position in the market by partnering with two of the largest venture capital firms in the world, Andreessen Horowitz and Durable Capital.


Knotel is a unique workspace-as-a-service provider that has revolutionized the way companies use their office space. With its user-centric approach, Knotel has grown rapidly, expanding to 11 countries and over 6 million square feet of office space. At the helm of this success is Amol Azevedo, Knotel’s co-founder and CEO, who has raised US$1.1 billion for the company and partnered with two of the largest venture capital firms in the world. The future looks bright for Knotel and Azevedo as the company continues to revolutionize the workspace-as-a-service model.